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Grass left to itself is a haven for disease and weeds.

  • How do you turn a yard with clover, dandelions, chickweed, and wild violet into a golf course? 
  • How do you stop the disease that starts with too much or too little rain?
  • How do you deal with problems caused by too much heat or a neighboring yard sharing its trouble?
You hire a golf course superintendent to do the work. 

GreenItUp Lawn Care is owned and operated by a Class A  golf course superintendent (Retired) with over 30 years of experience making beautiful grass grow.  I have experience handling various types of grass, growing in shade to full sun, handling disease issues and formulating treatment plans to make your yard look like a golf course.

If you want your yard to look like a golf course,  start with the pro that make grass look its best.  There's no better display of beautiful green grass than the fairways of a golf course.

Call today to get a free estimate and treatment plan.
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